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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. we again in the south bay where a school is forced to tell students and parents that the principal was arrested. >> he's accused of trying to sell meth. katie marzullo joins us with reaction. >> reporter: i talked with parents they were dropping their kids off. it is the first school day without their principal eric lewis. he's in jail first court appearance this afternoon. district officials and parents tell me they never saw this coming. families flock to montague
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elementary in santa clara as theyz would any monday morning. but the day is different. >> we were disappointed. mr. lewis is respected here. >> i was shocked, everybody was shocked. >> it surprised everybody. didn't see nothing like that >> reporter: it is not just parents. >> we're shocked. i think shocked is the word that keeps coming from anybody. >> reporter: police arrested the principal thursday after eric lewis met with an undercover agent at a caltrain for alleged drug deal. the agent contacted lewis on a dating website. search of lewis' home turned up meth, scales and other drugs. he's been the principal for seven years and was well liked and respected and the school was thriving. >> i think our hiring process is thorough. we do extensive background checks, reference checks all of those kinds of things.
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we've never had an incident like this before. >> reporter: now the school and parents have to explain to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. >> the staff will be talking with the children about what has occur at the appropriate level. >> i've already taught her, she knows what is right and wrong. she's smart. i'm sure she's ahead of that curve right there. >> reporter: the school has an interim principal in place who has 20 years experience in education. the school has ed a letter that will go home this afternoon explaining to parents everything that has happened and that letter will be posted on the school's website. katie marzullo, abc7 news. san mateo police arrested a man they believe kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl. the arrest of 25-year-old bradley mrozek comes after he
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abducted her. police have linked him to two other incidents near schools. three hayward police officers are on administrative leave after they shot and killed a suspect in a bar shooting overnight. this is video over the scene this morning on tennison near mission boulevard. police responding to the call spotted the suspect's car and made a stop 1 a.m.. officers opened fire killing the driver after he suddenly backed his car towards them. >> driver threw the vehicle in reverse, using deadly force on the officers. the officers responded in defense of their lives and shot the suspect and he was deceased at the scene. >> police say witnesses identified the suspect as being involved in a shooting minutes earlier at the dirty bird bar. the victim of the bar shooting has been treated and released. alameda authorities still
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trying to identify body of pedestrian hit and killed on i in pleasanton this morning. chp says the man walked on to southbound 680 near stoneridge drive 3:30 this morning, hit by two cars and pick-up truck. it forced authorities to close all southbound lanes for three hours. police investigating fatal shooting in antioch last night in the 1200 block of sycamore near lemon tree way. 30-year-old man dead from what appeared to be a single gunshot wound no suspects or motive. jury selection underway in the trial of an ex-employee at san francisco's crime lab accused of stealing cocaine if the lab by fraud or deception in 2009. she retired in 2010, san francisco police chief at the time shutdown the drug lab after investigators said madden campered with evidence. the district attorney's office
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dropped 500 cases they believed may have been compromised. san francisco police just about to hold a town hall meeting in response to thursday's shooting where undercover officer shot a 20 2-year-old man they say pointed a gun at them. an angry mob spray painted killers on the front doors of the police station. more than a dozen riot police officers stood outside the station late into the night. friday night more than 50 protesters returned down 18th street several businesses were vandalized. people pushed over tables, fired saint balls and smashed windows. the investigation into -- fired paintballs and smashed windows. the investigation into the shooting is underway they say a tech 9 pistol recovered was fully loaded. the shooting victim is expected to recover. the meeting is 11:30 a.m. cornerstone church 17th street in the mission district.
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former governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir reveals where he was when his wife fronted him about fathering a child with the housekeeper. the book is due to be released october 1st. according to the "new york daily news" which acquired an advanced copy schwarzenegger describes the wrenching moments his wife confronted him about fathering that child. the conversation happened during a couple's therapy session. he writes, the therapist says maria want wanted to ask today whether you fathered a child with housekeeper mildred. caught off guard, he answered it is true. police tried to clear out an encampment last wednesday after a fire. now a serious warning has gone out. amy hollyfield is live at 4th and king. >> reporter: they were told to get out of here by 8:30 this
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morning. they've been cleared out before, but they keep coming back they tell me they don't have anywhere else to go. ian smith is didding up the spot he has called home, -- tidying up the spot he has called home even though he's moving out today he has lid here with a $others and has enjoyed this spot. >> interesting -- interesting cast of characters, a lot of good people they have a tight-knit community, they all look after each other, security you couldn't find anywhere where else. >> reporter: caltrans says everyone needed to be out by 8:30 this morning. homeless advocates showed up to watch over the operation and make sure these people were treated respectfully. >> people here have nowhere else to go. you can see from their camp, they are not bothering anyone. they are just here, trying to get by day-to-day. >> reporter: caltrans officials and chp officers have been here before. since the homeless have
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returned they are planning to clean it out once again. officials say this is a public health concern. the group packed up and waited. officials never showed. >> give them three days expect them on the end of the third day no matter what they post that's what highway patrol told us. >> reporter: they say the uncertainty is tough. >> [ inaudible ] most people try to get by however they can. >> reporter: i spoke with a caltrans spokesperson who told me they are not going to come today they want to give these people as much time as possible to move on, they will probably be here tomorrow or wednesday. they will be putting the homeless in touch with local officials to help find shelter. caltrans officials say they land to keep doing sweeps they will be looking for a long term solution for this spot. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. just ahead, near riot
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involves hundreds of employees at the chinese factory that makes iphones. could it prevent production of that popular device. how mitt romney is trying to get his campaign back on track after a roughly couple
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the company that makes iphones suspended production at a chinese factory after a brawl involving 2,000 workers.
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video posted on youtube. foxconn says the fight broke out last night in a dorm near the factory in northern china. it took police 10 hours to stop it. foxconn and police say it doesn't appear to be work-related. comments posted on bulletin boards say the fight may have been triggered by a security guard hitting an employee. foxconn says production will resume tomorrow. >> meantime, apple released initial sales figures for the iphone 5 this morning. it sold five million phones in the first three days of the release. that works out to be district attorney, 157 permit beats -- beats the 4s record of four million sold in three days. most stores were sold out by saturday. many preorder customers have to wait until october to get one. 43 days until the election nine until the first presidential debate many some
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analysts think that debate could be a make or break for mitt romney who has been having a rough ride on the campaign trail. karen travers explains he's trying to get a fresh start. >> reporter: don't call it a reset. this week mitt romney will be agrees sill storming the campaign trail. last night the republican was in colorado trying to gain ground on president obama in a state that will be critical. >> do you want four more years of 8% or higher unemployment? >> no! >> reporter: romney continues stumping in colorado today before a bus tour in ohio tomorrow. he will be greated in the buckeye state by in new ad from the obama campaign, they slam romney for that leaked hidden camera fundraiser video. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, elderly, the disabled. >> reporter: this is the last full week of campaigning before the debates begin and take over the candidate's
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attention. last night he spoke to reporters. >> i think the president's campaign has focused its advertising in many cases on inaccurate portrayals of my positions. he's trying to fool people into thinking that i think things i don't. that ends, i think during the debates. >> reporter: polls show a tight race in the battleground states that will decide the election polls show president obama in the lead. another number the obama campaign is focused on, state by state unemployment. that went up in key battleground states like iowa, nevada new hampshire, north carolina and wisconsin. president obama is in new york today at the united nations general assembly meeting. he will make a campaign stop of sorts later today when he tapes appearance on "the view" with the first lady. >> mike see clouds out there. >> still a few lingering along the coast sunshine eventually from north to south. cooling trend on the way.
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how much longer the fall will feel, summer heat is on the way. plus, wildfire destroys more homes in southern california. added danger firefighters are worried about today. zookeepers in washington reveal what may have killed the panda cub at
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new numbers for a powerful wildfire burning right now in san diego county, 20 hopes destroyed, 10 damaged. 2,000 acre wildfire broke out yesterday. another 80 homes under mandatory evacuation orders. firefighters are concerned about the winds they say could pick up and reach 25 miles an hour this afternoon. meanwhile, another small wildfire charred 150 acres in riverside county, 90% contained. still threatening 200 homes. officials at washington's national zoo maybe one step closer to figuring out what caused the death of that newborn panda cub. the cub had abnormalities on
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its liver and fluid in its abdomen. the cub was thought to be in good health when the mother appeared to be in distress yesterday morning officials found the cub unresponsive. officials believe the cub was female, they are not sure, they will know more once the necropsy is complete. big breakthrough in breast cancer research today. scientists just completed landmark analysis of the genetics of breast cancer many scientists in st. louis finished mapping virtually all genetic mutations in breast cancer. this could change the way soon the way patients are treated and help researchers develop better treatments many one scientist says it is the breast cancer he hrepts of putting a man or woman on the moon. -- equivalent of putting a man or woman on the moon. >> trader joe's recalling peanut butter that may be linked to salmonella outbreak. valencia salted peanut butter
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is being taken off shelves, made with sea salts and use by dates: may 23rd, 2013. health officials are advising anyone who has purchased the peanut butter to throw it away. >> cooler this morning waiting for the sun to come out but it was taking its time. a little longer today, a couple weak cold fronts coming through without rain but reinforcing the fall flavor to the forecast, cooler today and tomorrow into wednesday. good morning. ly look from vollmer peak towards mount diablo across the east bay hills into the valleys, clear there. clouds almost on cue have returned back to the coast we start to see clearing from north to south during the afternoon here as we look south from mount tamalpais this morning. live doppler 7 hd you can see how dry it is almost everywhere. as you get to the coast thicker clouds, maybe a little mist right now, you can see
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pockets developing in that cloud could have. you can see clearing developing up to the north that will scour some of the clouds along the coast best chance of seeing sunshine at the coast in the north bay today. temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s antioch the warm spot, 72° it monterey bay still cloudy everywhere even into salinas valley, mid to upper 50s starting to see sun in gilroy 61°. i think sunny everywhere except the coast and cooling trend begins today. i believe by the end of the week reverse of that and warmer weather will be back possibly 90s inland valleys. today two degrees warmer in live more everybody else cooler than average that asterisk next to oakland means that is as warm as the average high gets for the entire year just happens to be this time of the year in fall, 75. san francisco next week at 72 we are not even close on
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either of those accounts. south bay mid to upper 70s, 78 koumikova -- 78 cup cup, san jose, clouds clinging to the san mateo county coast, 62 half moon bay. more sunshine on the bayside mid 60s downtown south san francisco, lot of sun north bay valleys, 70s to 82 in santa cruz sunshine around bodega bay and 62. 68 berkeley, east bay valleys not as warm as yesterday close to 90 brentwood at 89 low to mid 80s morgan hill, gilroy, hollister clouds and breeze will keep carmel, monterey, low to mid 60s. palm springs 102, san diego warm and dry about 80. 50s again tonight clouds along the coast some spilling late into the bay like this morning
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could have flight arrival delays into sfo like this morning those are over one of the weak cold phones to our east another up to the north, they just don't have much moisture. they are going to reinforce cooling trend for today through wednesday. temperatures drop one to two degrees tuesday and wednesday we reverse that thursday and friday, saturday, sunday near 80 around the bay, 90 inland, still cool at the coast temperatures in the mid to upper 60s there. great question about peanut butter, you can bring it back to the store. comedy takes hope the gold again. >> the list of --
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>> today on katie actress talks about bulimia. here's a preview. >> when did you start to feel uncomfortable with your body and start to have body image issues? >> when i started to have body image issues i remember being 3-years-old in a diaper and rubbing my hand over my stomach and feeling like i remember thinking in my ready wonder if one day this will ever be flat. >> then the controversial program in new york city schools emergency contraceptives available to students. hear from both sides. the public photo tweets that
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could inspire a movie and directing debut of twitter's co-founder. did you see movies hollywood rolled out red car the 64th annual emmys, modern family was one of the big winners. >> julie bowen won and the show won for the third year in a row. >> homeland took for best and game change for a movie. >> jon cryer won for his work in two and a half men.
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